Serious practicioners of Hatha Yoga have to keep in mind that they have to avoid burdening the body with unnecessary nutrients. Only eat when there is appetite, fill the stomach only up to 2/3 of its capacity. Don´t mix too many different varieties of food, since in that case the body is unable to efficently digest. Listen to the body it knows what kind of of food  should best be avoided.

A yogic diet should not consist of processed food, instead it shouild be grown organic and promote health. That includes:

  • A sufficent amount of fresh vegetables and fruits. If possible harvested ripe, of regional origination and organically grown. Food should be only gently fried and cooked. 
  • Soybean  products, Legumes and a few almonds each day, provide enough proteins in a vegetarian diet.
  • Seasoning herbs,  providing plenty of minerals.
  • Use of Honey and brown sugar for sweetening, instead of processed white sugar.
  • Exchange of conventional salt with an unprocessed variety,  preferrably Himalayan Salt (halite).
  • Herbal teas, fresh juices and boiled hot water.